How it works

Ok, so you’ve come across us due to the deals and vouchers that are posted and want a piece of the action.

Great news you can.

Yes you really can earn money from home, your sofa, your office, on the train, from almost anywhere.

We will give you at least 5%* of what we make from any sales for any deal or vouchers you post.

We will give 10% to charity and also put 10% into a prize fund each month and this will be given away to our users.

Please make sure you read the rules on our FAQ

How to post

To start off, you need to be registered and logged in, this is to enable us to link your posts to your username.

First register for the website and set up a new account.

How it works |

Next click “submit a deal”

Fill in the required information and put the normal link such as the one below for the item

Enter the current price and the old price

Search for the deal store/shop where the deal is available if the shop isn’t on our list yet please select Other.

Then click Submit.

The deal will be marked as pending and put into a queue to be checked.

We will then add the deal once it has been checked to our main page.

How it works |
How it works |

Our software will then track any purchases made through the links and attribute this to your username.

At least 5%* from eligible deals will be added to your account 3 months after verification. This is to stop people from purchasing and returning the items and these are the terms of the networks we get paid from.

This is done automatically, therefore, it’s imperative that you keep your information up to date and your account safe.

The money will show in your account as points 1 point = £1. you can either purchase items using your points or once it reaches £20, you can go to the shop and use your points to request £20 payout to your Paypal account (we will accept the fee so you will get the full £20)

If you have any questions check our FAQ first

*Not all deals will give you a payment however if the deal has added value (is it a good deal) then a bonus payment may be made by the admin. Please note this is not set in stone and depends on what the deal has bought to the site.

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