Who We Are

Anydeals.uk is helping people in the UK to save money on deals and vouchers at top UK merchants.

We are throwing the industry on its head, anyone who posts a deal will receive 5%* commission on what we make with no limit to amount you can make. check out How we make money ?

AnyDeals motto is ‘Something Different’
Since launching Anydeals in January 2020 we have been different in the way we have worked.
10% of all profits go to charity, they always have done and always will.
Our previous site was Dave’s in Plymouth however in July 2017 this was re-branded to Review Kit, and finally in 2020 to AnyDeals.uk.

In May 2020 we launched Anydealsus.com for the US market.

The reason behind AnyDeals is we were fed up of deal communities or voucher websites that are run by the community (All offers are added by them), but they get nothing back or only give to selected users.

AnyDeals will always give at least 5%* of what we make to the poster of that deal. 

We will also give 10% to our supported charities and 10% in to a giveaway pot each month.

Check our posters guide for information on how to get started.

Everything from web design through to daily running is done in house to increase the amounts given away.

If you find any issues let us know and well try and fix it ASAP

*Not all deals will give you a payment however if the deal has added value then a bonus payment may be made by the admins at their discretion.

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