Homitt Rechargeable Hand Warmer, 6700mAh Portable Pocket Warmer, Electric Hand Warmer.

A rechargeable hand warmer for those cold winter days or nights.

A button on the side allows you to control the heat.

1 light is 35 degrees

2 lights are 45

and 3 lights are 55

I knew these were good but I never realized how good until I got this.

I work outside day in and day out so one of these in your pocket is a lifesaver.

The temperature is amazing and allows you to also charge your phone from it.

The battery lasted on the middle heat for about 6 hours which was great as it really took the chill off.

Charging up as I use this every day I leave to charge overnight so unsure as to how long it takes to charge.

Overall I would recommend everyone who gets cold hands to get one of these as they really are that good.

8.7 Total Score
If you work outdoors these are a lifesaver

Value for money
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