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A pair of heated motorcycle gloves.

This tech is quite new so it is still very expensive however if you use a motorbike your hands can get very cold during the winter months these can literally be a lifesaver.

With these, they use a rechargeable battery for each hand. The connection is easy to push onto the battery and an included charger has 2 connections so you can charge both batteries at the same time.

These gloves are very thick and as such needed to buy the next size up this is due to the amount of internal padding (helps with the warmth).

The gloves have 3 different heats. The heat goes through the palms and up into the fingertips. The battery lasted on medium heat for about 2 hours and they did a very good job at warming up my hands.

The gloves also have a window scraper on so it will be perfect when it gets icy.

Although new tech to the market if you suffer from cold hands these are perfect just be careful of sizing.

7.5 Total Score

A starting product, as such, is expensive for what you get.

Battery life
Value for money
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