Review Policy

Independent, honest and unimpeded reviews

This means we say it how it is, if an item does not live up to its reputation or its function WE WILL LET YOU KNOW.

You may see adverts on our website we are paid for the adverts to be there but we are not paid for the reviews to be on our site.

Some of the items we get may be free or discounted however this does not sway our decisions and the final review will be based on the full price of the item.

We promise this will be the case every time we review an item.

Our reviews guarantee

  • We do not take payment for product reviews. Ever.
  • We’ll tell you what we think and why we think it.
  • We say it as we see it. If it’s garbage, we’ll warn you off.
  • If gear doesn’t meet our high standards, we’ll tell you why.
  • We are always open about everything. Wanna know something just ask.

How we score the reviews.

We use a 5-star review system. The more stars the better the item has scored with an overall score for the item. This is a general rule of thumb system and allows everyone to see easily what the rating is.

On each review criteria below, they are rated in a percentage out of 100% this means between each item you can see the exact differences in why we have rated that item differently.

Design – How does the product look and feel? Does it feel cheap or premium?

Usability – How easy is it to use and get the most out of? Is everything laid out correctly to use?

Quality of video – How well are colors reproduced? Is it fluid playback or any issues?

Quality of sound – How loud is it? Does it lose quality at higher volumes?

Quality – Is it premium made? Is it built to last?

Value for money – Is the price good value? Can alternatives be found for cheaper?

Battery life – How well does its battery last? Does this relate to the performance features?

All of our items go through a rigorous testing procedure.

The items we test are not tested on a one-use basis, they are tested over and over again. This is different from most of the industry and that’s why our reviews take time, sometimes up to 8 weeks.

The items are used and tested sometimes to destruction.

This helps us to give an honest and completely impartial review.

This usually means the reviews are delayed upon receiving them to give the best advice and reviews possible.

Our reviewers

The main reviewer of the site is also the owner of AnyDeals. I have years of experience in various industries and have always been asked for advice on the best items in every category. Each review is tested where they need to be, no reviews will ever be ‘made up’ and every review will be posted on here.

Affiliate links

Around the site are affiliate links to respective websites, each link will have a hyperlink or have a price next to it in relation to Amazon. These are links that gets paid a small percentage paid for sending the website’s visitors. Just because we get paid for sending you to the respective website this does not influence our reviews in any way. We are always impartial and always give unimpeded reviews. That’s a promise.

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