How it works & Guidelines

so you’ve come across us due to the deals and vouchers that are posted and want a piece of the action.

Great news you can.

Yes, you really can make money from home, your sofa, your office, on the train, from anywhere.

We will give at least 5%* of what we make from any sale for any deal, vouchers or money-saving tips that you post.

We will give 10% to charity and also put 10% into a prize fund each month and this will be given away to our users.

How to register

To start off, you need to be registered and logged in, this is to enable us to link your posts to your username.

First register for the website and set up a new account.

Next click “submit a deal”

Depending on what you submit will depend on the information required.

Money saving tips

  • Money-saving tips have to be posted on the discussion board
  • if you need a product for it please include a link on the post
  • Should the tip be posted in the deal section, the tip will be deleted


  • The link should go directly to the product, rather than the retailer’s homepage or their social media.
  • The title should be a short, clear description of the deal (e.g. “Berghaus Mera peak gore-tex £400”).
  • Choose the retailer and this will get added after the title (@ Millets)
  • Please include the discounted price and the RRP in the relevant boxes
  • Please upload/select an image of the deal.
  • Please include a detailed description, ideally including your opinion on why the deal is good value.
  • If the deal is only available in-store or online please state it in the title and description.
  • Deals should have the expiration date set.
  • Include any keywords as tags such as coat, millets, gore-tex.


  • The title should include the discount/offer and what it applies to (e.g. “£5 off orders over £30 @ Beefeater”)
  • If a voucher code isn’t required please share it as a deal instead (e.g. Automatic 20% off everything @ eBay)
  • Any voucher should have an expiration date set.
  • Please include any relevant terms and conditions in the description.
  • Include any keywords as tags such as money off, beefeater.


  • The title should include what the freebie is (e.g. “Free set of perfume”).
  • Please upload/select an image of the freebie.
  • Freebies should be free. If you’ve found a freebie that requires a spend (e.g. spend £20 to get a pack of cards) please share this as a deal instead.
  • A small, reasonable postage charge is okay. Please fill in the postage amount in the title and description.
  • If you need to fill in a form (e.g. Survey Monkey, Google Form, etc) please also try and include a link to where the original offer was advertised (e.g. a page on the retailer’s website or social media post).
  • If the freebie is a giveaway (e.g. Enter for a chance to get a free holiday) please share it as a competition instead.
  • Include any keywords as tags such as a free pack of cards, spend £20.


  • Include what the prize is in the title – e.g. “Win a holiday to Spain”, “Win £250 Amazon Voucher”
  • Please upload/select an image of the prize.
  • If there are multiple entry methods (e.g. Facebook and Instagram) please only share the competition once and link to the alternative entry methods in the description.
  • If multiple websites/companies are running the same competition please only share it once. If the terms and conditions explicitly state that you can enter multiple times from each website/company, please list them in the description of the competition post if you know of them.
  • If you need to fill in a form (e.g. Survey Monkey, Google Form, etc) please also try and include a link to where the original offer was advertised (e.g. a page on the retailer’s website or social media post). Otherwise, your post may go into moderation for quality reasons, as we cannot verify the source, and it may be a data-protection risk to our members.
  • Competitions are applicable to the UK nationwide only.
  • Survey or Opinion sites are not allowed.
  • Unlike deals and vouchers, competitions with the same URL cannot be re-shared after 30 days.
  • Only post competitions that are live now. Not competitions that start in the future e.g. “You can enter this competition from X date (10 days in future)”.
  • Include any keywords as tags e.g  win a £250 voucher

Give clear and detailed descriptions

Where can you find the deal? Is it in-store, nationwide or online? How much was it and how much is it now? Do you have to pay for postage? Give clear and detailed descriptions. We’d much rather have too much detail than too little.

Please do try and include all relevant information in the description of a post. If you forget something you can always edit your post and add details in later. If everything is in one place it makes it a lot easier for members to quickly see all the information they may need.

Simple titles

A good title answers two things: What is the deal and how much is the saving? For example, Coat clearance, 50% off.

Membership deals

Some deals require a membership to get the discount. Please simply post the deal for the membership. Do not post every activity or location that comes with the membership as separate deals. For example, you can post a deal for TasteCard, but not for every restaurant that is discounted with it unless its a deal which you don’t want to miss.

The title/price should reflect what the majority of people will be able to buy it for

Please only post deals which most people can buy. We don’t allow deals that require previous actions (such as collecting vouchers the day before) or that only work with unique single-use discount codes. MoneySaving Labs is a big community and the best deals are ones that work for everyone.


If you submit an online deal, we’ll try to automatically find a relevant photo. If we can’t, please upload one. If you submit an in-store deal, please upload a photo. Images should be clear, and if it’s a screenshot from your phone, please crop the photo so only the relevant product is visible, also make sure any personal information is cropped out to avoid any potential data breach.


Try to find the best fitting category for your deal. If there’s no other choice, you can always put it under the closest.

Duplicate Posts (first come, first served)

It wouldn’t be very helpful if the whole site was flooded with the same deal. Because of that, we’ve agreed that duplicate deals are dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis. If you post a deal that is already live any cash your deal makes will be moved over to the first poster so please search before posting.

Unique deals (don’t post different colours etc)

If you find a deal that has multiple colours, flavours or varieties – put all under the same offer – please post it as one deal. You can combine all the various options under the same post.

For full guidelines check below

Our software will then track any purchases made through the links and attribute this to your username.

At least 5%* from eligible deals will be added to your account a minimum of 3 months after verification. This is to stop people from purchasing and returning the items and these are the terms of the thousands of networks we work with.

This is done automatically, therefore, it’s imperative that you keep your information up to date and your account safe.

The money will show in your account after 3-7 months and once your account reaches £20 this will create an automatic request to pay the full balance to your PayPal email account (we will accept the fee so you will get the full amount).

What are the Guidelines?

Glad you asked, we have to have guidelines in place to protect ourselves and other users.


Welcome to our Guidelines. Information on how to be a great contributor and also explanations on why accounts may be restricted.

Only individuals can share deals

We want Anydeals to be a place people trust to find the best and most genuine deals on the web. This means we don’t allow companies to share their own products/services.

If you are a retailer and want to share your products on Anydeals then please get in touch. Note, we will always reserve editorial control and any deal that does not help our members may be deleted.

How long before I can re-post a deal?

Deals may be re-posted after 30 days. However, you may ask for your old post to be “refreshed”. For example, if you spent a long time crafting a great piece of timeless advice, it is better to have yours than a lower-quality post. Just send us a message.

As some competitions disqualify people if they enter more than once we don’t allow competitions to be re-shared.

My deal is cheaper than one already on the site. Can I post it?

If you’ve found a deal that’s significantly cheaper than one that’s already on the site, you cannot repost it till after 30 days have passed. if you do before this time any money made will be added to the original poster’s account:

  • Contact either an admin via the report broken link button and select the wrong price or the original poster so the price can be updated
  • If you contact an admin and the price drop is confirmed a bonus may be made at their discretion.

Second-hand stuff

Whilst we’ve nothing against second-hand stuff we do ask that any deal on the site is available to the masses – if you’ve found someone selling a cheap TV on eBay then unless they’ve got a bunch of them (more than 10) to flog, we’d ask you not to share it.

Referral links

Referral links are not allowed unless authorized by a moderator or admin. If you wanted to share one please open a support ticket and we will review it on a post-by-post basis. if you post one before being accepted by a moderator you risk being banned.

UK sites

Please try and stick to UK-only sites If it is an international site, it needs to have prices available in GBP £, and international shipping information as well as be in English. Examples of international sites we accept are GearBest and AliExpress. Some of the deals on the site will have been posted by Anydeals automatic system, these may be international sites not in English but any other deal posted by a user, not in English will be deleted.

Registered and established businesses only

In the interest of safety for our members, please only share deals from registered and established retailers. The business should have a company number and full address and contact details readily available.

Things we do not allow

We may have to remove your deal or restrict your account if we feel it doesn’t fit in with the values of the community. Here are some of the things that we don’t allow on Anydeals:

  • Self-promotion / Links to your own goods or services (if you’re a brand, please get in touch with us directly)
  • Posting deals on behalf of someone else (e.g. if you’ve been privately messaged to share something)
  • Apps, digital downloads, software and other digital things which are usually free
  • Local small-scale events
  • Pornography, illegal goods and services
  • Copyright infringing content
  • Unknown or unverified software (stuff that isn’t mainstream) if in doubt contact us
  • Encouraging action that is against a company’s terms and conditions
  • Multiple accounts
  • Copying our own images (such as but not limited to user image, and logo) to confuse other users.
  • Any other language apart from English except in the case of our automated system.

Other deal sites

Unfortunately, we do not accept links or mentions of other deal sites. This may be because: they are competitors to Anydeals, they have asked us not to mention them, they are on our naughty list for self-promotion, or perhaps for any other reason. These sites include but are not limited to:

  • Vipon
  • AMZReviews
  • JDeals
  • HotUKDeals
  • BlastMyDeals
  • JumpSend
  • Elite Deals
  • Bargain Hunter UK
  • Latestdeals
  • Money Saving Expert


Cash points are our way of giving back to the community. However, any attempted manipulation of your cash points score, for example, by spamming the site with unhelpful deals, may result in a permanent ban and the loss of any cash. (any cash forfeited will be donated to our charities)

Polite and Positive Discussion

We welcome polite and positive discussion. Having an opposing opinion is fine as long as it is communicated in a constructive, polite and positive manner. Undue negative criticism and rudeness are not. We may review, edit and delete such content and your account may be limited or banned.

Limited and Banned account

If your account is limited or banned no correspondence will be entered into, should this happen any points will be forfeit and donated to the charities we are currently supporting.


We do not deal with and are not liable for any tax for any of our users, should we be asked relevant information may be provided to government agencies to help aid them in tax evasion or fraud. If unsure please contact HMRC or an accountant so they can advise you.

If you have any questions check our FAQ first

*Not all deals will give you a payment however if the deal has added value then a bonus payment may be made by the admins at their discretion.

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