Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you a cashback site ?

    No we are not a cashback site and we don’t try to pretend to be. If you want a cashback site try either Quidco or Topcashback as these are some of the biggest in the UK.

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    Is there a maximum i can make ?

    You can make as much as you want to there is no limit.

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    Do we pay people for bad deals?

    Any deal that is posted may earn. However the better the deal is, the more people who are likely to purchase and therefore the better deals will usually earn more.

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    Can i do self-promotion?

    No, no self-promotion is allowed. (this means not posting your own deals). If you have deals you want to post please send them to us via email so we can check them over.

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    Are you trying to be the same as other websites?

    No, we are not the same, Other websites only give to a selected number of their users and no one knows how much. However, we will give you at least 5%* that each deal brings to us from your 1st deal to the 400th.

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    What’s the minimum we can request a payout?

    £20 is the minimum payout.

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    How do you payout?

    You can either cash out your points for items from the store or via Paypal. 

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    Are all deals guaranteed points ?

    No, no deal is guaranteed points, you only get points if people buy your deal via the website therefore not all deals will give you a payment however if the deal has added value (is it a good deal) then a bonus payment may be made by the admin. Please note this is not set in stone and depends on what the deal has bought to the site.

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    I posted a deal but no points have been issued ?

    Not all deals will get you points also due to our content partners and tracking software this can take up to 3 months for the retailers to pay us, don’t worry if points don’t show in your account straight away.

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    Why do you give to charity?

    The charities that are chosen to be supported by AnyDeals are chosen due to the support they give to people who are going through difficulties or hardships or the way in which they help people. A lot of the charities have helped me in the past or are close to me and I wanted to give something back to them.

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    Why the motto Something different?

    Everything about AnyDeals is different, being run by 1 person which runs everything themselves. Donating 10% of all profits to charity to help great causes. Everything about us is something different from the normal.

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    Is the website secure ?

    The website is secured via 256bit SSL, it is secured to prevent unauthorized access and changes. This is then checked with Google and AVG to make sure it maintains its security. For payments or donations, Paypal or Stripe is used due to their secure payments gateway.

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    Do you still give to charity ?

    Yes at least 10% is given to charity and the rest goes into running the website.

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    What Charities are currently supported ?

    The current charities that are being supported can be found on the charity page.

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    What’s the rules

    Glad you asked, we have to have rules in place to protect ourselves and other users.
    1) Any deal or voucher that is posted will become the sole property of Anydeals. Any logos or trademarks are still owned by their respective owners and we only use these with permission.
    2) All posts must be unique, and any direct copy of a deal posted elsewhere will not receive any payments. If payment is made and it’s discovered this clause has been broken the payment will be taken back or the payment will be reduced by such an amount made by that deal.
    3) A direct copy is an exact copy and paste deal or voucher from another website or post. This is not allowed under any circumstance – A deal taken from another website is allowed but it must be in your own words and not just copied.
    4) Make sure your password is unique to only this site. Anydeals cannot be held liable for any loss of account access or loss of money due to getting hacked. Unless Anydeals has not taken reasonable steps to protect themselves or users from harm.
    5) Any abuse of any other person or system on any part of the website will get your account deleted and blocked from creating a new account. Any money will be forfeited and given to charity.
    6) By using the website you agree to these and also our terms and conditions and also our privacy policy.

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