Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you a cashback site?

    No we are not a cashback site and we don’t try to pretend to be. If you want a cashback site try either Quidco or Topcashback as these are some of the biggest in the UK.

  2. Is there a maximum i can make?

    Put simply, You can make as much as you want to, no limits, no fees.

  3. Do we pay people for bad deals?

    Any deal that is posted may earn. However the better the deal is, the more people who are likely to purchase and therefore the better deals will earn more usually.

  4. Can i do self-promotion?

    Self-promotion is allowed. but only after contacting us to discuss the options. If posts are made without prior consent these will be removed and the posted banned from posting again.

  5. Are you trying to be the same as other websites?

    No, we are not the same as other websites, we are literally reinventing the wheel. Others only give to a selected number of their users and no one knows how much. However, we will give you at least 5% each deal brings to us from your 1st deal to the 400th.

  6. What’s the minimum we payout?

    The minimum payout is £20 via Paypal, we accept the transfer fee so you get the full amount and once over the amount we pay you automatically.

  7. Are all deals guaranteed points?

    No, no deal is guaranteed points, you only get points if people buy your deal via the website therefore not all deals will give you a payment however if the deal has added value (is it a good deal) then a bonus payment may be made by the admin. Please note this is at the admin’s discretion.

  8. I posted a deal but no Money has been issued?

    Due to our content partners and tracking software, this can take between 3-6 months for the retailers to pay us, don’t worry if money doesn’t show in your account straight away.

  9. I have been given a warning or banned.

    If you break our guidelines dependent on the severity you may either be sent a warning via private message or you may be be banned. If you are banned any money awarded will be forfeit and given to charity. Check out the guidelines.

  10. Why do you give to charity?

    The charities that are chosen to be supported by AnyDeals are chosen due to the support they give to people who are going through difficulties or hardships. A lot of the charities have helped me in the past or are close to me and I wanted to give something back to them. Check the current Charities here.

  11. Why the motto Something different?

    Everything about AnyDeals is different, being run in house, donating 10% of all profits to charity to help great causes. Everything about us is something different from the normal.

  12. Is the website secure?

    The website is secured via 256bit SSL, it is secured to prevent unauthorized access and changes. This is then checked with Google and AVG to make sure it maintains its security. For payments or donations, Paypal or Stripe is used due to their secure payments gateways.

  13. Do you still give to charity?

    Yes 10% is given and will always be given to charity. The current charities that are being supported can be found on the charity page.

  14. The time posted is incorrect.

    You need to be logged in to see the correct time posted, this is due to our caching and are unable to rectify this for non logged in users.

  15. I have clicked to expire a post but nothing happened

    You need to be logged in and only click the button once, once clicked this will expire the post a few minutes later when our system picks it up.

  16. Do we take care of tax on payments?

    No, we do not deal with any tax on behalf of our user’s. This is up to you to settle any tax bills or information that may be required. If required we may need to hand over information related to tax purposes to abide by the law.

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